Best Noise-Canceling Office Headset in 2021

    Working in any office environment can be NOISY and the last thing you want is for your Customer to hear all that background noise! Keeping your calls sounding perfect is one of our top priorities here at Leitner Headsets and that is why we developed the Leitner OfficeAlly Wireless Headset.

    With call quality in mind, we took headsets with noise-canceling microphones to the next level! Check out 4 of the noisiest office environments below where your OfficeAlly will stand out from the rest:
    call center headsets

    Call Centers:

    Call Centers are undoubtedly the noisiest offices out there! We’ve all been on that call before… you need to get your coffee maker working again because you’re super tired, so you call Customer support. All you can hear is 2 million people talking in the background and phones ringing uncontrollably.

    With so many calls going on in the same room, you’d think that it would be impossible to block out all of that noise. Leitner Ultra-Noise Canceling Microphone for headsets is your solution. Check out the noise-canceling demo video above that our Volume Purchasing team member, Kevin, put together!

    headsets for doctor offices

    Doctor’s Offices & Hospitals:

    Doctor’s offices and hospitals are generally very quiet… So why would a headset with noise-canceling microphone be so important in these environments? The answer is… privacy! Choosing an office headset with a sub-par noise-canceling microphone could leave your patients personal information vulnerable to someone on another line! Leitner’s Ultra Noise-Canceling Headset will ensure that all your patient’s info stays confidential.

    headsets for dentists

    Dentist Offices:

    Like medical offices, dentists offices are generally pretty quiet, with the exception of one thing… drilling and buzzing from all of the tools and instruments being used! We work with thousands of dentists and a major priority for them is keeping those sounds out of their calls. That’s where the Ultra Noise-Canceling headset comes in! People have enough anxiety about having their teeth worked on, don’t add to that on the initial call, get your team Leitner headsets!

    headsets for home offices

    Home Offices:

    COVID-19 has reshaped the way that many businesses operate. One of the most significant changes for many people has been the shift from working in an office to working from home. And as we’re all learning, home offices have their own set of noise issues: Dog’s barking, kids playing, significant others working and, of course, the FedEx guy dropping off the new Leitner office headset you just ordered!

    Leitner Headsets is your best headset solution. Our ultra-noise canceling microphone comes standard on all Leitner corded headset and wireless headset options, get the style and fit that’s perfect for you!