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    Got Customers who could use some better headsets? Send us their info and you can get 13% of the revenue we earn from them! Here's how it works:

    • You'll receive 13% from all new business you refer. You get paid on all net revenue for the first 250 days that they do business with us.

    • In the unlikely event that someone else has beat you to it and already registered the deal, we'll let you know within 3 days of you making your referral. (Don’t worry, we’ll break it gently.)

    • If you or your organization intends to make more than 8 registrations in a single calendar month, please contact us first.

    Still have questions? Email us at volumepurchasing@leitnerheadsets.com

      Leitner Headsets are 100% compatible with leading providers and office phone brands like:

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      Don't see your provider or phone brand listed? Don’t panic! Get in touch and we'll let you know if it’s compatible. We bet you a pack of Oreos that it works just fine.

      Earn 13% of revenue from your headset referrals!

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      Meeting the needs of an entire office can be challenging. My job is to make sure that your team gets exactly what they need!

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