Our Guide to the Best Call Center Headsets in 2023

    Looking for the best Call Center Headsets in the industry? Well look no further because Leitner Headsets has got you covered! Headsets are the second most important asset in a call center environment, next to outstanding reps of course! Our Volume Purchasing Team is 100% in-tune with what makes call centers tick and they can't wait to help you select the Leitner office headsets that are absolutely perfect for your team!

    Female Call Center Manager Using a Leitner OfficeAlly Single-Ear Wireless Headset
    Woman using OfficAlly wireless office headset for call centers

    Leitner Headsets are Future Proof

    The world is changing every day and so is the way that Call Centers conduct business. Leitner Headsets offers a future proofing incentive with multi-functional headsets. That means that you don't have to choose telephone headsets OR computer headsets. Our headsets are compatible with your traditional desk phone as well as the computer! That means that when your office decides to switch from telephone to an IP based solution, you won't need to buy all new headsets!

    Leitner wireless headset base

    Training is Easy with UniBase Mode

    Leitner wireless headsets not only allow you to pair up to 3 headsets to a single base for training but we also offer UniBase technology. UniBase is perfect for training new and experienced reps alike. Simply have your team join a video conference, have a rep enter into UniBase mode and BAM! Now everyone on the video conference can listen in to the calls made from that headset!

    Man and woman wearing Leitner wireless headsets

    Customizable Fit for Everyone!

    With so many bodies in a call center, it can be difficult to find the right fit for everyone. We have simplified that dilemma and made Leitner headsets fully customizable. Choose from the three most popular headset wearing styles (Single-ear, Dual-ear and On-the-ear) to ensure that all of your reps are extra comfortable!

    Leitner wireless mic noise-canceling

    Eliminate Background Noise

    Call Centers can be loud! You want to be sure that your Customer has the most enjoyable experience possible and that means eliminating background noise! Leitner Ultra Noise-Canceling microphones do just that! Our microphones are designed to keep things sounding quiet in a sometimes chaotic background. Whether its blocking out co-workers or office equipment sounds, your Customers will think you're in a private office!