Leitner LH240 single-ear premium wired headset for phones and computers

    Leitner Premium Corded Headset


    • Quick disconnect feature – easily leave your desk without removing your headset
    • Easily answer & end computer or video calls with one touch
    • 7 foot ultra-durable cord gives you plenty of space to move around your desk
    • Best-in-class 5-year warranty and U.S. based award-winning support

    Customize Your Headset

    How do you want to wear your headset?
    What size ear cushions?
    XL has double-sized ear cushions that provide more comfort and focus.
    What do you want to connect to?
    Prefer a Wireless Headset?

    • No batteries, no worries
    • Quick-disconnectA small connector in the headset cord that allows the user to break away from a call to move around the office and reconnect without placing the caller on hold.
      allows you to grab a cuppa’ and rejoin later
    • Take confidence from our unrivaled 5-year warranty
    • Choose XL ear cushions to get extra cozy. You might look dorky, but it’s worth it!
    • Compatible with office phones and computer (USB)
    • Super durable quick-disconnect cord
    • Ultra noise-canceling microphoneMicrophone that substantially reduces background noise on calls
      (shut out the distractions for your caller, from noisy co-workers to needy children)

    Okay okay. It’s not a wireless headset and you have a cord that connects you to the phone or computer. True. But think of the upside, you won’t lose your headset and you don’t have batteries to replace.

    But what if you need the restroom or a coffee refill? No problem, just use the quick-disconnect feature to plug out, and then rejoin the call later. Simple. You can work with office phones or computers, whatever you choose.

    Speaking of choice, you can choose between regular or super-soft XL ear cushions. Sure, with the XL ear cushions you might look a little nerdy, but you’ll be a comfy nerd that everyone will secretly be jealous of.

    Just remember, if you’re not a happy bunny, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee to try it and make sure it really is the best headset for you. And as with all Leitner Headsets, you have a full 5-year warranty, better than anyone in the business.

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    UltraFlex Headband

    You can mold the headband to fit any head.
    That’s good news for you, Igor.

    Customizable Wearing Style

    Our CEO uses the single-ear, he likes to know what else is going on. Our CFO uses the double-ear as he wants to block everyone out (what gives?!)

    Super-Comfy Ear Cushions

    Single ear-cushion not cozy enough? Choose the XL to double your comfort. Twice the size, twice the silky softness.

    Ultra Noise-Canceling Microphone

    Shut out the distractions for your caller, from noisy co-workers to needy children.

    7-Foot Ultra-Durable Cord

    Yeah, there’s a wire. But don’t worry - you’ve got plenty of slack to roam around when you drop your pen, butterfingers.

    Reversible Mic

    Left side or right side? You can wear the mic on whatever side makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Leitner users say...

    “I LOVE THIS HEADSET! I can't believe I was holding the handset receiver for so long before I bought this thing.”

    Charles Kaplan Present Company Yaphank, NY

    “Best corded headset around. My office is loud...like really LOUD, and the bigger earpads keep me in the zone.”

    Richard Westmoreland Bloom Brothers Furniture Pelzer, SC

    “Nothing but positive things to say! Everyone in my office talks super loud and the double big earpads help me focus.”

    Janet Anderson Prestigabiz Rancho Cordova, CA
    Business man in blue shirt using OfficeHero single-ear corded headset- work from home headsets, office headsets

    The sound you deserve, when the call counts.

    Clear, crisp calls. You can expect nothing less from our headsets. Even your worst complaint calls will sound good.

    Woman in yellow shirt using OfficeHero XL corded headset- headsets for phone, headsets for computer

    Customize your corded headset the way that works best for you.

    Whether you want to double the ear cushion, flip the mic, wear it on one or both ears, our headsets are simple to choose, and easy to use. How you customize is up to you.

    Man using OfficeHero XL corded headset

    Slip out when you need to, and rejoin without any hassle

    Whether nature calls or your coffee kick stalls, we make it easy to leave your desk with a quick disconnect feature. Just jump back in when you’re ready!

    Tech Specs

    Manufacturer Leitner
    Type Corded
    Wearing Style Single-ear or Dual-ear
    Cord Length 7 feet
    Weight 2.2 oz.
    Compatibility Works with your existing single- or multi-line phones and USB computer connection
    Microphone Ultra noise-canceling
    Earpiece Leatherette
    Color Black
    Warranty 5-Year Full Replacement
    Reversible Yes
    Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
    Busy Light Compatible
    Quick Disconnect Yes
    What's in the box? Headset, Spare foam ear cushion, Quick start guide