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    Why Choose Leitner?

    We know buying new headsets can be a pain in the (ear)hole. We’ll save you the time and trouble, giving you a customized headset that’s best-in-class, and fits your needs (and your head). 

    As the trusted experts, we make headsets simple to choose, and easy to use.

    Customizable Office Headsets

    Simple to choose, easy to use

    Real People. Real Results.

    “Leitner was the solution to my problems! It’s light and comfortable and I usually forget that I’m wearing it!”

    “The audio features, comfort, ease of use, have made this one of my best purchases in 25 years of owning my own business!”

    “I couldn’t be happier. It’s lightweight, excellent sound quality and clear reception. This is the one you’ve been looking for!”

    The best office headsets. Customized for you.

    The best office headsets. Customized for you.

    We specialize in headsets. It’s all we do every day. Sounds kinda weird, we know, but it makes a lot of people happy.

    Forget about side-channels and off-shore call centers. We’re right here for you.

    Forget about side-channels and off-shore call centers. We’re right here for you.

    Most companies have confusing choices and a labyrinth of call center robots. We make things easy. No phone trees, friendly live chat, and instant email replies. Let’s kill the confusion.

    60-day risk-free trial. 5-year warranty. Always.

    60-day risk-free trial. 5-year warranty. Always.

    We want you to love your Leitner Headsets, and we know it can take a couple weeks to get the right feel for your headset. That’s why we give you 60 days to try it out for free.

    OfficeAlly Wireless

    Premium Wireless Headset
    Starting at $249

    Roam around your home or office while you walk, listen, and talk. UniBase® Conferencing Technology lets you merge computer, desk phone, and cell calls.

    OfficeHero Corded

    Premium Corded Headset
    Starting at $129

    Connects directly into any computer or desk phone. Quickly disconnects so you can easily get up without removing your headset.              

    60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

    5-year warranty – the longest in the business

    Free 2-day delivery and free returns if needed

    Ultra noise-canceling mic reduces background noise

    CleanSound Technology makes your calls sound clear & crisp

    UltraFlex headband is adjustable to find your perfect fit

    You’re in good company – over 1.3 million happy Customers

    Easy ordering directly from Leitner or Amazon at the same price

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    Quality that lasts. With support that puts you first.

    You're busy. You don't wanna’ waste time on hold or talking to a script-reading robot. We get it. That’s why we use real humans, who offer tailored solutions and lightning-fast response times (and sometimes tell mildly funny jokes).

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