Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Updated: Jan 2021

    We love our Customers, and love protecting their personal information. It might seem a little odd to point out, let alone dedicate an entire web page to, but it’s important that we’re transparent with this information. Our goal is to make every Customer experience as amazing as it can possibly be by learning about our Customers, understanding them, and helping them find the exact right headset for their needs. One way we achieve this is by collecting, storing, and reviewing our Customers’ personal information. This information helps us to locate accounts, offer products that might be useful, share information on new products and services, and generally serve our Customers better.

    We collect, store, share, swap, and or/rent personal Customer information. This information is collected through our website, live chat, email, fax, mail, over the phone, 3rd party vendors, Amazon, other direct marketing companies, and from publicly available sources. This information includes name (full/legal name as well as shortened or nicknames), company name, postal address, email address, phone number, fax number, number of employees, phone make and model, IP address, birthday, tax ID number, number of LinkedIn contacts, payment information, products ordered, products quoted, browsing history on (pages visited, searches, time on site, links clicked, products added to cart), favorite flavor of Tootsie Roll, and the date the personal Customer information was last updated. We do not discriminate in the collection of information by race, religion, sex, sexuality, sexual preference, age (notwithstanding that we don’t deliberately collect information on minors under 18 years old).

    Customers have the right to request the personal information that has been collected, the right to opt out of the sharing or selling of their personal information, and/or the right to have their personal information (covered by the CCPA) deleted. To exercise any or all of the above rights, Customers can email us at or call 1-800-317-2966.

    Customers who request any change to their personal information collected, shared, or stored will not be discriminated against in any way.

    If you’ve read this far, way to stick with it! Remember, our purpose in life and business is to make your business life better – we love you 😀