Leitner Headsets and Headsets.com

    In 1997, our CEO Mike Faith couldn't find a good headset that shipped fast with great service. He realized there was a market opportunity. 23 years later, Headsets.com has grown to be the world's largest specialist in office headsets. Quality design and manufacturing, coupled with our direct-to-end-user sales, means you get the absolute best in technology, support, and knowledge.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is simple:

    Providing the best premium office headsets and support in North America.

    That's it 🙂

    Customer Love

    We're best known for delivering world-class service, or, as we call it, “Customer Love.” When you call us you'll get a live, warm body 99% of the time (no phone trees). In the unlikely event we have to call you back, it's within 2 hours. Email responses are always within an hour. Our Advisors aren't paid on commission. Instead, the team is rated on the feedback you give us.

    Our Team

    Our team members are spread across the U.S., with the majority based in either Nashville or San Francisco. We're a focused, Customer-loving group, with an average tenure of over 5 years. All of our Headset Advisors go through headset bootcamp, 6 to 10 weeks of training to ensure they're experts in all aspects of office headsets and lavishing Customers with exceptional service.

    Learning and development are a major focus with all of our Team Members. They have access to a variety of world-class trainers and coaches. Some wacky approaches include voice coaching, hypnotherapy, and holotropic breathing. So yeah, we're a bit unconventional. 🙂

    Interested in joining our team? Pop an email to careers@headsets.com and tell us what kind of work you're interested in. Whenever we hire, we go through these responses first and look for any possible matches (please don't send a resume or attachment at this stage)

    Some of our longest serving (and best looking) headset specialists!

    Mike Faith Ann Brady Scott Kearsley Wendy Huang


    Founder & CEO
    Since: Forever


    Account Manager
    Since: 2015


    Since: 2005


    Since: 2016

    Kamika Royal Rick Mills Aurelia Lamas Ricky Harris


    Customer Service
    Since: 2016


    Since: 2002


    Customer Service
    Since: 2017


    Customer Service
    Since: 2016

    Matt Burnaford Dean Stutz Hayden Everly Kevin Pena


    Customer Service
    Since: 2005


    Customer Service
    Since: 2016


    Since: 2016


    Volume Sales
    Since: 2006

    Peter Abraham Marty Wetsch Jon Stoye Shelby Colraine


    Account Manager
    Since: 2014


    Since: 2010


    Customer Service
    Since: 2015


    Volume Sales
    Since: 2013

    Giving Back

    All team members have two paid days every year for charity and volunteer work. This year, we've been working with Soles4Souls. This Nashville-based charity collects unwanted shoes and clothes for people who need them in the U.S. and across the globe. Join us. We'll send you a label so you can send your own lightly used items. Just shoot us an email at info@leitnerheadsets.com

    Humble Bit

    We've made lots of mistakes over the years, and we're still making them today. But we're quick learners and avoid making the same mistake over and over again. We considered listing all of our mistakes here, but thought it might be a bit exhausting to read 🙂. We're always eager to hear your feedback and learn from it. That's why we print our CEO's email on every order.

    Us vs "The Other Guys"

      Leitner Headsets The "Other Company"
    Shipping Free 2-Day Not clear
    Support US-Based (and it rocks!) Sent overseas to save a buck
    Response Times Phone: 6 sec avg answer
    Email: 11 min avg response
    Phone: 3 min avg answer
    Email: 24 hr avg response
    Free Trials Yes! Always 60 days. Not clear
    Warranty 5-years 1- or 2-years
    Returns Absolutely, and they're free! Who do I send it back to?
    Ownership Private Public
    Motivations Long-term success Short-term stock gains
    Primary Focus Customers & Quality Quarterly earnings
    Strategy Model Direct to you Multi-layer distribution (finger-pointing when there's a problem)
    Leadership Founder Led Hired CEO Led
    Debt Burden Debt-free Indebted to private equity shenanigans
    Market Focus Narrow and deep Broad with expanding distractions
    Love Quotient We love you. There you go, we said it, it was easy ❤ They'd probably find it quite awkward to say that
    Humor Quotient Frequently funny (as you can tell 🙂) You really have to ask?
    CEO Eligibility Single Married, sorry

    Monthly $500 Drawing

    Wow, thanks for reading this far! If you're not already a Leitner Customer, we hope you become one soon. But even if you don't buy anything from us, we'll still enter you in our monthly drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card. Just email us, and you'll be entered. Add a note to say hi. Our CEO reads each and every one, he can't help himself (he's a bit obsessive, we think!).