Leitner Wireless Headset Battery

    Leitner Wireless Battery


    • Replaces the worn out battery in your Leitner wireless headset
    • Keep your headset charged with up to 9 hours of talk time with a new battery

    Quick Disconnect Cord


    • Connects your Leitner OfficeHero to your computer or office phone
    • Easily connect and disconnect for instant mobility around the office
    • Compatible with 99% of amplifiers and phone models!
    Quick Disconnect Type

    Leitner Electronic Hookswitch

    Electronic Hookswitch


    • Answer and end calls at the touch of a button on your OfficeAlly Wireless Headset
    • Range up to 350 feet from your desk
    • Perfect for those who are often away from their desk or just like to get up and move around

    Leitner Lifter shown raising handset

    Remote Handset Lifter