Setting up with your handset lifter

    A handset lifter is an optional accessory that will physically lift your handset when you turn on the headset, answering the call.

    1. Follow the instructions for headset setup through the handset jack.
    2. Remove the outer covering of the double-sided tape on bottom of the lifter and attach it under your handset on the phone.
    3. Plug the lifter into the AUX port .
    4. Make sure the RHL/DHSG switch is set to RHL and the compatibility switch is set to 1.

    Simply press the on/off button on the headset and the lifter will lift the handset. Pressing the same button on the headset again will lower it, hanging up the call.

    Leitner premium plus wireless headset base aux port Leitner premium plus wireless headset base compatibility settings