Leitner Premium Plus wireless single-ear computer only DECT Dongle headset

    Leitner Premium Dongle Wireless Headset


    • Use in the office or on the go. Works with USB-C or USB-A. No charging base needed.
    • Save yourself from interruptions with the FocusLight on your headset & base that light up when you're on a call.
    • Walk up to 350 ft away and keep talking (errands, exercise, bathroom 😊)
    • CleanSound technology recognizes speech, making the low and high tones crystal clear.
    • Ultra noise-canceling microphone filters out 90% of all background noise so your callers will hear you and only you.
    • New streamlined German design.
    • Best-in-class 5-year warranty and U.S. based award-winning support.

    Customize Your Headset

    How do you want to wear your headset?
    Prefer a Wireless Headset?

    The Leitner Premium Dongle wireless headset is perfect for use with computer, laptops, tablets, or any USB device. With a range of up to 350 feet, this headset can go wherever you need to go – in the office, at home, or anywhere in-between. The ultra noise-canceling microphone ensures that your voice is always heard clearly, even in noisy environments. 

    One of the top complaints from wireless headset users over the past 20 years has been “no one knows when I’m on a call.” The LH470 solves that issue with the FocusLight (integrated LED indicators on the headset). Those around you will always know when it’s safe to interrupt! 

    And of course, it includes the Leitner warranty, covering your headset for 5 full years.


    The glowing ring on the headset & charging base lets others know when you're busy.

    UltraFlex Headband

    You can mold the headband to fit any head.
    Comfortable for all day wear.

    CleanSound Technology

    Clear, crisp calls. Your Customer queries and complaints never sounded so good.

    Ultra Noise-Canceling Microphone

    Shut out the distractions for your caller, from noisy co-workers to needy children.

    Device Flexibility

    Connect to any USB, desktop, laptop, tablet – you name it! Works with USB-C or USB-A.

    Break the chain. Go wild and wireless.

    We know you aren’t sitting still all day. Whether it’s nature’s call, or a coffee refill in the kitchen, you can keep talking up to 350 ft away (and burn calories, yeah baby!)

    The quality and connectivity you need. On any device you want.

    Unique CleanSound and UniBase® technology.Exclusive to Leitner wireless headsets, UniBase® Conferencing Technology allows you to merge computer, desk phone, and cell sounds Switch between or even join landline, cell phone, and computer calls together. So, now the Zoomers and Boomers can be on the same call, with the same crisp, clear quality for everyone.

    It’s your headset. Get what you want.

    Single-ear or dual-ear? Remote answering? Getting the perfect headset for you has never been quicker or easier.