Leitner LH280 on the ear wireless headset super comfortable

    Leitner LH280 On-the-Ear Wireless Headset


    • The LH280 is the most comfortable On-the-Ear wireless headset available
    • Merge your Skype and landline calls together seamlessly with UniBase® Conferencing Technology
    • Hear your Customers every time – CleanSound™ technology recognizes speech, making the low and high tones come through crystal clear
    • We've got you covered with an unheard of 5-year full-replacement warranty
    • Enhanced DECT Security Level A means your calls are kept private
    • Unlike other On-the-Ear headsets, the LH280's battery is fully replaceable
    • Up to 350 feet of wireless range
    • Pair an extra headset to your base for easy conference calls or training
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