Leitner LH280 on the ear wireless headset for offices super comfortable

    LH280 On-the-Ear Wireless Headset


    • The LH280 is the most comfortable On-the-Ear wireless headset available
    • Merge your Skype and landline calls together seamlessly with UniBase® Conferencing Technology
    • Hear your Customers every time – CleanSound™ technology recognizes speech, making the low and high tones come through crystal clear
    • We've got you covered with an unheard of 5-year full-replacement warranty
    • Enhanced DECT Security Level A means your calls are kept private
    • Unlike other On-the-Ear headsets, the LH280's battery is fully replaceable
    • Up to 350 feet of wireless range
    • Pair an extra headset to your base for easy conference calls or training
    Prefer a Wireless Headset?

    Leitner has taken a headset wearing style that has often suffered from stability and comfort issues, and really changed the game with the LH280 wireless headset. The Leitner LH280 is the most comfortable On-the-Ear wireless headset available. Period. Here's how:

    • The super-smooth, contoured earloop feels fantastically sleek on your ear
    • Like feng shui for your head, the LH280 is perfectly balanced. Resting gently on your ear, it doesn't pull or feel like it's falling off
    • No matter your ear size, the 6 included eartips fit nicely into most ears, offering improved stability and comfort

    The difference between the LH280 and other On-the-Ear headsets doesn't stop there. The LH280 features UniBase® Conferencing Technology which allows you to take your softphone call like Skype and merge it with your standard landline call with the press of a button. Say goodbye to expensive international phone calls when conferencing your colleague in London!

    The LH280 also comes with a 5-year full replacement warranty. That's five times as long as other On-the-Ear headsets. The battery is covered under warranty too!

    The LH280 is the ONLY On-the-Ear wireless headset that has a replaceable battery. Sounds crazy, but other On-the-Ear headsets have batteries that can't be replaced, meaning when they start to lose their juice after a few years, you have to replace the whole headset!

    With the LH280, you can simply pop out the battery and replace with a fresh one. So how else is it different? The LH280's battery also offers up to 8 hours of talk time - that's 33% higher than other models!

    For all you doctors and lawyers out there, the LH280 features Enhanced DECT Security Level A technology, ensuring client/patient security and confidentiality.

    Looking for the same features in an over-the-head headset? Check out the LH270 for single ear, and the LH275 for dual-ear!