Leitner LH250XL plush corded USB computer headset for office

    LH250XL Single-Ear USB Headset


    • Super comfy ear cushion that's twice the size of other headsets!
    • Enhance your caller's voice with CleanSound™ technology – filters out background noise, leaving their voice clean, fresh, and smelling like lavender
    • Effortless USB plug-and-play works with any softphone or VoIP system
    • Ultra noise-canceling mic blocks out unwanted background noise
    • UltraFlex™ headband guarantees a comfortable fit
    • Absolutely ridiculous 5-year full-replacement warranty
    Prefer a Wireless Headset?

    Ear cushions twice the size of other headsets. Leitner USB is the most comfortable USB headset on the market. Period. It's so comfortable, you'll want to start using it instead of your pillow at home! Okay, maybe not THAT comfortable, but it's comfortable enough to wear for a full workday without a second thought.

    Calls are more efficient when you can hear your caller clearly. CleanSound? technology filters every word your caller says for maximum clarity. That means quality audio even when your caller is using a cheaper headset or *shudder*...speakerphone.

    Use Skype or Microsoft Teams? In-line volume, mute, and call controls give you full control of your call directly from your headset!

    Some USB headsets only last for a year or two before they need to be replaced. Your headset is built to last and is also covered with Leitner's industry-leading 5-year warranty.

    Looking for extra focus? Click here for the dual-ear version.