Leitner LH240XL easy connect bundle desk phone corded headset

    LH240XL Over-the-Head Corded Headset


    • When you're comfortable, you're able to stay focused and confident. Cover your ear with an ear cushion that's twice the size of other headsets
    • Keep your Customers from repeating themselves – CleanSound™ technology is designed to recognize speech, it makes the low and high tones come through crystal clear
    • Customize your fit – mold the UltraFlex™ headband to your liking. It'll hold its form to fit your head perfectly
    • Sound professional – all Leitner headsets come with an ultra noise-canceling microphone that blocks out background noise
    • 5-year, full-replacement warranty (5x most headsets) – experience high-focus, comfortable phone calls for years to come
    • Looking to cover both ears for complete focus? Check out the dual-ear version
    Prefer a Wireless Headset?

    When Leitner created the XL series, they set out to do one thing - create an incredibly comfortable (and super large) corded headset. And they succeeded! Leitner XL is so comfortable, you'll want to start using it instead of your pillow at home! Okay, maybe not THAT comfortable, but it's comfortable enough to wear for a full 8-hour work day without a second thought.

    Calls are more efficient when you can hear your caller clearly. Leitner's CleanSound? technology filters every word your caller says for maximum clarity. That means quality audio even when your caller is using a cheaper headset or *shudder*...speakerphone.

    You'll sound awesome 100% of the time thanks to your ultra noise-canceling microphone. This'll ensure your voice comes through without all the distracting background noise. Whether you're next to a construction site or just have a co-worker with a booming voice, you'll be more easily heard and understood.

    Most corded headsets will last 1 to 2 years before showing their age. Leitner headsets have a 5-year warranty for a reason. They're built better and built to last. You'll pay a little bit more for your Leitner headset initially, but a lot less than you'd pay to replace a cheap headset every couple years.