Troubleshooting Q&A

    • I don't have any battery lights on my charging base and it's been charging for more than 4 hours.
    • Check the battery orientation inside of your headset. The arrow on the battery should be pointing into your headset and the Leitner Logo facing the buttons of the headset
    • My headset is charged and turned on but I can't hear anything.
    • If you set up your headset through the headset jack, make sure your telephone's headset button is on. Check the compatibility switch underneath your base and make sure it is set to 1. Most Cisco phones should be set to 4.
    • My headset turns on and the lifter goes up but I'm not hearing anything in the headset.
    • Ensure that the charging base is connected to the telephone's handset port and not the headset port (if the telephone has one).
    • I can hear people on the phone but they can't hear me.
    • Try adjusting the microphone volume from the controls underneath the charging base. Call us at 1-800-HEADSETS (432-3738) and we'll make sure you sound perfect!
    • I can't get my headset to work with my computer.
    • Make sure the USB cord is connected between your charging base and computer. If your computer doesn't automatically recognize your headset, go to your computer's sound settings and make sure "Leitner Headset" is selected as your output and input device. Your sound settings can be found on most Windows computers by searching 'sound settings' in your search bar.

    For any and all other issues:
    Please call us at 1-800-432-3738 Monday through Friday 9am-6:30pm Eastern Time