Pair Premium Lite to Premium Plus Charging Base

    Support › Pair your Leitner Premium Lite Headset to Premium Plus Charging Base

    1. Remove the Premium Plus headset (leave it turned off) and set it aside.
    2. Set your base to Phone mode.
    3. Flip the base over and press and hold the “+” mic volume. When the base flashes purple and the Phone mode starts blinking, let go.
    4. Press and hold the On/Off button on the Premium Lite headset to be paired. When it flashes, let go.
    5. When the Phone light goes solid and the base and headset have stopped flashing, you’re done!
    6. Both the Premium Plus and secondary Lite headset will be synced, and have call control (if you have an EHS/lifter).
    7. Premium Lite headset will remain paired until you pair it back to another base.