Microphone Not Working in Computer Mode

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    1. Turn the headset on and listen for any beeps. Beeping every 8 seconds? Use the middle silver button to turn off mute
    2. (Windows) Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom-right of your screen. Choose Open Sound Settings, then make sure the Output and Input are set to DECT
    3. (Apple) Click on the Apple icon in the upper left. Find Preferences, then click Input and Output, selecting DECT for each
    4. (Windows) In the Sound window from Step 2, open the Sound Control Panel. Click the Recording tab near the top, and make sure there DECT Microphone is set to Default Device. If any other device is set as Default or Default Communication, right-click on DECT and set it for both
    5. Check the Input settings on your dialer/softphone. This will likely be under Audio or Sound settings
    6. You should be good to go now!