LH370/375 Manual

    LH370/375 Manual

    What's in the box:

    • Wireless Headset
    • Charging Base
    • Lithium-Ion Battery
    • AC Adaptor
    • Phone Cord
    • Mini USB Cord
    • Windscreen

    Table of Contents

    1. Product features & functions

    Charging Base

    1. Battery indicator
    2. Computer Mode button
    3. Bluetooth Mode button
    4. Office Telephone Mode button
    5. Indicator lights - (see section 3.13)
    6. USB connector jack
    7. Power jack
    8. AUX jack
    9. Telephone connector jack
    10. Handset connector jack
    11. Accessory selection switch
    12. Microphone volume up/down
    13. Compatibility switch


    1. Listening volume up/down
    2. Microphone mute button
    3. Headset ON/OFF (and Online Indicator)
    4. Battery
    5. Battery door

    2. Setup

    2.1 Activating and charging the battery

    • Carefully remove the tab from the headset to activate the battery. Plug one end of the power supply into the power jack on the back of the charging base and the other end into a working power outlet
    • We recommend charging your headset for at least 4 hours before the first use

    2.2 Connecting to a telephone with a headset jack

    • Using the included green phone cord, connect the Telephone connector jack on the back of the charging base to the headset jack on your desk phone
    • You may need to adjust the compatibility switch located on the bottom of the base. Cisco phones should be set to 4. Most other phones use 1*

    2.3 Connecting to a telephone without a headset jack

    • Unplug the curly cord of your handset from the base of your office phone
    • Connect the curly cord to the handset jack on the charging base
    • Plug one end of the included green phone cord into the green TelephoneConnector jack on the back of headset base
    • Plug the other end of the green telephone cord into to the handset jack of your desk phone
    • You may need to adjust the compatibility switch located on the bottom of the base .The most common setting is 1*

    2.4 Setting up your Leitner Handset Lifter (optional)

    • Follow instructions in section 2.3 before moving onto the next step
    • Attach the handset lifter to your telephone as shown in its user guide
    • Connect the handset lifter to the red AUX jack located on the back of theheadset base
    • Ensure that the accessory selection switch on the bottom of your base is set to RHL
    • Want to see the setup video? Go to headsets.com/LifterSetup

    2.5 Setting up your Leitner Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cable (optional)

    • Connect the EHS cable to your telephone as shown in its user guide
    • Connect the EHS cable to the AUX and TEL jacks on the back of the charging base
    • Refer to the user guide for the EHS cable for the correct setting of the Accessory selection switch

    With the handset lifter or EHS cable connected, you will be able to answer and end calls using the ON/OFF button located on the headset — up to 350 feet away from your desk

    2.6 Connecting to your computer

    • Connect the included USB cable to the USB connector jack on the back of the charging base and the other end to an available USB jack on your computer
    • Your computer may automatically recognize the device and install the correct drivers. Wait a few seconds before using the headset
    • If your computer doesn’t recognize the device, go to your computer’s SoundSettings and select ‘DECT Headset’ as your default Playback/Recording device. You may also need to select ‘disable’ on all other devices

    2.7 Connecting to a Bluetooth enabled device

    • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the device you’re trying to connect to. On most devices like iPhone or Android, this can be found in your Settings menu
    • Hold down the Bluetooth button on the top of the base for three seconds until the LED light starts flashing
    • Select ‘DECT Headset’ from the available devices list
    • The LED light on your base will stop flashing once it’s successfully connected

    2.8 Replacing the ear cushion

    • Place your thumb underneath the ear cushion and pull up from the bottom
    • To replace the earpad, match the notches at the top, then click the bottom into place until you hear a click

    3. Using your headset

    3.1 Making an outgoing call in Telephone mode

    • Ensure that the Telephone mode button on top of the charging base is selected
    • Turn the headset on. The base’s 3rd indicator light will light up
    • If a handset lifter or electronic hookswitch is connected, the line will be engaged automatically. Otherwise, you will need to lift the handset of your telephone or press the headset button on your telephone
    • Dial the number you’re calling
    • When your call is over, press the headset ON/OFF button to end the call if youhave a handset lifter or EHS cable. Otherwise, just manually hang up the lineon your phone

    3.2 Receiving an incoming call in Telephone mode

    • If there is an incoming call and the headset base is connected to a handset lifter or electronic hookswitch, the TEL light and headset light will flash, and a ring tone will be heard on the headset
    • Press the headset’s ON/OFF button. The base’s 3rd indicator light will light up
    • If a handset lifter or electronic hookswitch is connected to the headset base, the line will be engaged automatically. Otherwise, you will need to lift the handset of your telephone or activate the headset button on your telephone
    • To end the call, place the headset on the base or press the ON/OFF button. If you do not have an EHS cable or a handset lifter, you will need to manually hang up the lineon your phone

    3.3 Making an outgoing call in Computer mode

    • Ensure that the computer button on the top of the headset base is selected
    • Press the headset’s ON/OFF button
    • After finishing your call, press the ON/OFF button to disconnect
    • You may also need to click your softphone’s disconnect button to end the call

    3.4 Making a call in Bluetooth mode

    • You must first connect your Bluetooth device. Follow the steps in section 2.7
    • Turn your headset on and make sure the Bluetooth mode is selected
    • Place your call on your device as you normally would
    • Depending on your device’s settings, you may need to change the audio source on your device to ‘DECT Headset’ (most phones will automatically connect)
    • Once you’re done with your call, either press the ON/OFF button on your headset or end the call from your Bluetooth device

    3.5 Receiving a call in Bluetooth mode

    • You must first connect your Bluetooth device. Follow the steps in section 2.7
    • Turn your headset on and your call will automatically be answered
    • Once you’re done with your call, either press the ON/OFF button on your headset or end the call from your Bluetooth device

    3.6 Making a call using UniBase® mode

    Your SmartSet is equipped with UniBase technology that allows you to conference calls from your office phone, computer, or Bluetooth together. You can conference up to two of these devices at once

    • To activate UniBase mode, start a call on your first device
    • To conference in the second device, press and hold either the Telephone, Computer, or Bluetooth mode button
    • After about 4 seconds, the LED lights for the two selected devices will light up
    • To exit UniBase mode, press any Mode button on the top of the base
    • Note: All sounds from your computer will be shared with the conference call

    3.7 Adjusting the ring volume

    • When the headset is ringing to indicate an incoming call, you can adjust the ring volume using the volume control buttons located on the headset. Your headset must be turned off in order to adjust the ring volume

    3.8 Muting the headset microphone

    • To mute the headset microphone when on a call, press the mute button on theheadset (in between the volume buttons). While the headset is in mute mode, a short beep will be heard on the headset every 8 seconds. Press the mute button again to unmute

    3.9 Headset microphone volume setting

    • You can increase or decrease your speaking volume by using the two buttonslocated on the bottom of the charging base

    3.10 Adjusting headset listening volume

    • While on a call use the volume control buttons on the headset to adjust the listening volume. You will hear a beep each time you adjust the volume up or down

    3.11 Out of range and reconnection

    • You will hear warning beeps in the headset when you walk out of range of the base. If the headset disconnects due to being out of range, the call will not drop. Theheadset will automatically reconnect when you are back in range
    • NOTE: If you do not move back inside the base range within 5 minutes, the call will be disconnected

    3.12 Battery level lights

    • The four LEDs on the top of the headset base (left side) indicate the battery level of your headset battery
    Light (left to right) Battery Level
    One LED flashing < 20%
    One LED on 20%-40%
    Two LEDs on 40%-60%
    Three LEDs on 60%-80%
    Four LEDs on 80%-100%

    3.13 Registering a new headset to the base

    • The four LEDs on the top of the headset base (right side) have different meanings
    Light (left to right) Indication
    1st Power light (it’s plugged in)
    2nd Bluetooth light (device connected to base)
    3rd Online indicator (headset is on)
    4th Charging light (off when at 100%)

    3.14 Training mode and making a conference call

    Your Leitner headset allows a second headset to be temporarily connected to the base for training or conference calls

    • Turn on the primary headset
    • Place the second headset on the charging base*
    • The Online Indicator light on the secondary headset will turn on and the primary base’s 3rd LED light will flash to indicate that the headset is registering with the base unit
    • Once the registering has completed, the LED light on the base will stop flashing and the headset’s Online Indicator will begin flashing
    • If the secondary headset has Automatic Answer enabled (section 3.18), it will automatically connect when you lift it from the base. If it has Automatic Answer disabled, press the ON/OFF button on the secondary headset to connect

    NOTE: The secondary headset will stay registered to the base for the duration of the call. Turning off either headset will return the secondary headset to its normal state. Returning either headset to its original base will also end training mode. It takes about 10 seconds for the secondary headset to re-register to its original base

    *Your SmartSet headset can only be conferenced with another SmartSet, LH270, or LH275 headset

    3.15 Overview of audio signals

    Sound Indication
    2 rapid beeps (60 sec repeat) Low battery
    2 beeps Nearly out of range
    2 pitch tone Out of range
    4 rapid beeps Back in range
    1 beep Receiver volume up/down
    2 pitch tone (8 sec repeat) Mute is on
    1 beep Mute off/on

    With the optional Handset Lifter or Electronic Hookswitch Cable connected, you’ll also get notified of incoming calls directly from your headset

    Sound Indication
    Continual chime Incoming call
    1 beep (every 3 seconds) Incoming call (when you’re already on a call)

    3.16 Registering a new primary headset to the base

    • Press and hold the Telephone Mode button on the base for five seconds to make the base enter registration mode. The Telephone Mode light will flash showing the base is in registration mode
    • Press and hold the mute button on the headset until it begins to flash (about fiveseconds) to make the headset enter registration mode
    • Keep the headset out of the base until the light on the TEL button turns solid
    • The headset will now be registered to the base which will take around 30 seconds. When registration is complete, the Telephone Mode light will stop flashing

    3.17 Permanently register an additional headset

    • With the original headset out of the base, press and hold the Volume Up button underneath the base for about five seconds to enter registration mode. The Telephone Mode light on the base will begin to flash to indicate you’re in registration mode
    • Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the secondary headset until the light on the headset begins to flash
    • Wait until the ON/OFF light on the headset stops flashing (about 30 seconds)
    • The 2nd headset is now permanently registered to the new base
    • You can charge this headset on its original base without ending the permanent registration mode
    • To end the permanent registration, follow the instructions in 3.16

    NOTE: The first headset to turn on will become the primary headset. Only the primary headset can answer and end calls

    3.18 Controlling the Auto-Answer feature for calls

    When you take your headset off of the base, your call will not be answered by default.

    • If you’d like to turn this feature on, simply hold the "+" and "–" buttons on your headset together for 3 seconds. You’ll know this feature is activated when the LED light slowly flashes.
    • To turn this feature back off, follow the same steps again. This time the LED light will quickly flash, letting you know this feature has been turned back off.

    NOTE: Auto-answer will not work on Bluetooth mode. You’ll need to press the On/Off button on your headset in order to answer Bluetooth calls

    4. Troubleshooting

    (For live support call 1-800-432-3738, Mon-Fri 6:00-4:30 Pacific Time)

    Q: I have connected my charging base to my phone but the headset is not working

    A: Make sure that the battery has been properly charged. Your headset requires an initial 4-hour charge before its first use

    Q: The headset is working but I cannot hear telephone calls correctly

    A: Ensure that you have the correct compatibility setting by adjusting the switch on the bottom of your charging base. The most common compatibility is 1. Cisco telephones should be set to 4 when using the headset jack

    Q: When the headset’s ON/OFF button is pressed, the handset lifter lifts the handset but I cannot hear the call on the headset

    A: Ensure that the charging base is connected to the telephone’s handset jack and not the headset jack

    5. Health and Safety Instructions

    Please read the following safety and operational instructions before using your Leitner SmartSet 370 headset. Please keep these instructions for your reference. When using this product, these basic safety precautions and warnings should be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury to persons and damage to property


    Operating, charging and storage temperatures are 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)


    • Never allow children to play with the product - small parts may be a choking hazard
    • Plug the AC adaptor into the outlet nearest the equipment that is easily accessible
    • To reduce the risk of electrical shock, explosion or fire, use only the suppliedcharger or Class 2 AC adaptor to charge the headse. Ensure that the voltage rating(e.g. 120V, 60 Hz) corresponds to the power supply you intend to use
    • Do not disassemble the product or AC adaptor as this may expose you todangerous voltages or other risks. Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock or fire when the product is subsequently used
    • Do not insert anything into the product because this may cause damage to the internal components or cause personal injury
    • Avoid contact with liquids. Do not locate this product near water, for example, near a bathtub, or sink, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool
    • Discontinue use of product if the product overheats, has a damaged cord or plug, if the product has been dropped or damaged, or if the product has come into contact with liquids
    • This product should never be placed over or near a heat source and should not be placed in locations which do not have proper ventilation
    • If you experience skin irritation after using this product, discontinue use

    Charging warnings

    To avoid the risk of electrical shock, explosion, fire or leakage of corrosive or toxic chemicals, please observe the following charging and battery warnings:

    • Use only the charger provided with your headset to charge the product. Do not use the charger for any other purpose. Ensure that the voltage rating corresponds to the power supply you intend to use
    • Charge the headset according to the instructions supplied with the unit
    • Plug the AC adaptor or charger into an outlet that is near the equipment and will be easily accessible

    Headset battery warnings

    • The headset is equipped with a replaceable battery. To reduce the risk of fire or injury to persons read and follow these instructions
    • Do not dispose of the battery in a fire. The battery may explode. Check your local laws for disposal instructions
    • Do not open or mutilate the battery. There may be corrosive materials which can cause damage to eyes or skin and may be toxic if swallowed
    • Never charge the battery where the temperature may fall below 32°F (0°C) or rise above 104°F (40°C)

    Battery recycling

    • Your battery used in the headset must be recycled or disposed of properly. Contact your local recycling center for proper disposal of your headset battery.

    To protect your hearing, some hearing experts suggest you:

    • Set the volume control in a low position before putting your headset on your ear and use as low volume as possible
    • Avoid turning up the volume to block out noisy surroundings. Whenever possible, use your headset in a quiet environment with low background noise
    • Limit the amount of time you use headsets at high volume levels
    • Turn the volume down if the sound from the headset prevents you from hearing people speaking near you

    Exposure to high volume sound levels or excessive sound pressure may cause temporary or permanent damage to your hearing. Although there is no single volume setting that isappropriate for everyone, you should always use your headset with the volume set atmoderate levels and avoid prolonged exposure to high volume sound levels.

    The louder the volume, the less time is required before your hearing could be affected. You may experience different sound levels when using your headset with different devices. The device you use and its settings affect the level of sound you hear. If you experience hearing discomfort, you should stop listening to the device through your headset and have your hearing checked by your doctor .

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