Leitner Wireless Headset Setup with Yealink USB EHS

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    1. Connect the USB end of the Yealink EHS into the back of your Yealink phone. Prioritize USB ports close to other ports on the phone, rather than on the back of the screen, if you have multiple USB ports
    2. Unplug the power cord from your Leitner charging base
    3. On the bottom of the Leitner base, set the switch on the left to DHSG and the compatibility switch to 1
    4. On the back of the Leitner base, connect the larger cord of the EHS to the AUX port and the smaller cord to the TEL port
    5. Plug your base back into power and set your headset back on the base
    6. For many of you, you're done! In some cases, you'll need your IT department to change settings in your phone's web portal. (See this article)