Leitner Wireless Headset Ooma EHS Setup

    Support › Ooma Setup

    1. Remove headset and set it to the side, then turn base around and unplug power
    2. On the hookswitch, we'll find the side with 2 cords
    3. The larger cord will plug into the AUX port on the back of the Leitner. Smaller goes into green TEL cord beside that
    4. On the bottom of the base, set the switches to DHSG and 1. Plug the power back into the base
    5. Find the Menu button on the phone, then Preferences, then Audio Control, and then Headset Type
    6. Change Headset Type to Plantronics EHS, then Save
    7. Take the remaining cord of the hookswitch, and plug into the Headset port on the back of the phone
    8. Put your headset back on its base – you're done, congrats!