Leitner Premium Plus Setup with Yealink EHS36 Adapter

    Support › Yealink EHS36 Setup with Leitner Premium Plus Headsets

    1. In your EHS36 box, find and grab the required cables. You can refer to the video to the right to see which cords you need.
    2. Disconnect the base from power (if plugged in), and flip the base over to look at the bottom. Set the left switch is set to DHSG and the top slider to 1.
    3. Connect the RJ45 (flat) cord to the AUX port on the back of the Leitner base, then connect the other end of the RJ45 to the left side of the gray EHS36 adapter box.
    4. If not already connected, grab the Leitner connector cord (with green tape on it) and connect to the green TEL port to the right of the AUX.
    5. At your Yealink phone now, turn to the back of the phone and find the EXT or EHS port. Connect the round RJ12 cord here.
    6. Plug the other end of the RJ12 cord into the right-hand side of the EHS36 box.
    7. Connect the remaining end of your Leitner connector cord into the Headset port on your Yealink phone.
    8. Plug your Leitner back into power and return the headset to the charging base.