Leitner Premium Plus Polycom EHS Setup

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    1. Unplug the power from your Leitner charging base. Set the switches on the bottom to RHL and 1.
    2. Plug your green telephone cable into the green telephone port on your charging base and plug the other end into the headset jack of your telephone.
    3. Plug the thicker end of the Electronic Hookswitch into the AUX port on your charging base.
    4. Remove the protector cap on the other end of the hookswitch and plug it into your phone (there's only one place where it'll fit).
    5. Press the home button on your phone and navigate to Settings >> Basic >> Preferences >> Headset and make sure Headset Memory Mode is disabled.
    6. Press the Back button on your phone and select Hookswitch Mode. Select "Jabra EHS" from the list. Select "Yes" when your phone asks you to reboot.
    7. Plug the power back into your base!