Leitner Premium Plus Cisco EHS Setup

    Support › Leitner Premium Plus Setup with Cisco EHS

    1. Remove your Leitner wireless headset from the base and set aside
    2. Turn charging base over and set left compatibility switch to RHL and slider at the top to 4
    3. Plug larger RJ45 end of Cisco EHS into the AUX port at the back of the Leitner base
    4. Connect Leitner connector cord (w/ green tape) into green TEL port to right of the AUX. (And if not yet plugged in, plug in your base into power)
    5. On the back of the Cisco phone, find the AUX port and connect the other end of the Cisco EHS
    6. Connect the Leitner connector cord into the headset port on the Cisco phone
    7. Put your headset back on the charging base - and you're done!