Leitner Premium Dongle Headsets - Full Tutorial

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    1. To charge your headset, use the USB cable to connect with the USB-C port on the headset and charge with a charging block or your computer port.
    2. Connect your USB dongle to an open USB port on your chosen device. If needed, use the USB-C adapter to convert and connect the dongle.
    3. Dongle headsets come paired and in Sleep mode. Press and hold the On/Off on the headset until it flashes purple. Let go, it will flash twice, and then be paired up with the dongle. (Press the On/Off button once now to turn it on!)
    4. If you need to manually pair your headset, press and hold the small button on the dongle until the dongle light flashes. Then, press and hold the On/Off button on your headset for up to 8 seconds. When it does a double blue flash, let go, and it will flash purple. When flashing is complete on both, the headset is paired!
    5. For Apple/Mac: Go to the Apple icon in upper left, choose System Preferences > Sound, and then set both Input and Output to DECT Headset.
    6. For Windows: Go to the speaker in the bottom right corner, right-click, and choose Sound Settings. In the new window, set both Output and Input to DECT Headset.
    7. To change your listening volume, press the dimple buttons on either side of the On/Off button. (Up is up, and down is…down!)
    8. Solid blue FocusLight on headset means the headset is turned on. Solid purple means its in Mute. (To Mute, press and hold either volume button for 1 sec. Press and hold again to un-Mute.)