Leitner Bluetooth Setup for Yealink

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    1. Remove headset from charging base and set it to the side.
    2. In your Yealink phone, go to Menu, scroll down to Settings, and then Basic Settings, where we will find Bluetooth.
    3. In the Bluetooth menu, make sure Bluetooth is set to “On,” then click Scan.
    4. While the phone scans, go to your Leitner charging base. Press and hold the middle Bluetooth mode button on the charging base. When the darker, second light on the right corner of the base begins to blink, let go of the Bluetooth button.
    5. When your Yealink phone finds the phone, it will show up as DECT Headset.
    6. Click Connect on your Yealink phone.
    7. The blinking light on your Leitner charging base should go solid now.
    8. Congrats, you did it! Now turning on your headset will answer a call, and turning it back off will close that call. 😊