Frequently Asked Headset Questions

    Why does using a headset at home make you less fatigued?
    Using a headset at home can leave you feeling less fatigued since you're not constantly wrestling with a phone cord. Likewise, you're not bending your neck in an awkward position to hold the phone while you take notes or multi-task.
    Why does using a headset at home sound so much better?
    Ever wonder if your clients can hear your kids or dogs in the background while you're working from home? Wearing a noise canceling headset will reduce those background sounds down to nothing.

    This is especially true if you're one of the many that are using a speakerphone as a solution. Speakerphones don’t just pick-up background noises, they also echo back what your clients are trying to hear. Do the people you’re talking to a favor and get yourself a noise canceling headset!
    Can you burn an extra 2000 calories a day by using a wireless headset?
    To burn 2000 calories, a massive amount, a 180lb man needs to walk at a good pace for over 6 hours. Over here we constantly hear about trying to do '10,000 steps per day' (the number of steps recommended by doctors) which seems like a more believable target when wearing a headset to me. 

    With a headset on, you are not tethered to your desk and you can get up and walk around while speaking with your clients or your team. 
    Will being hands free make me sound better and get more productive?
    Being hands-free and speaker-free makes you more productive and keeps you sounding perfect to your Customers. Using a headset gives you the ability to multi-task since your hands are no longer attached to the handset.

    Headsets also sound 300% better than speakerphones. Speakerphones pick up every bit of background noise and echo’s back what the person you are speaking with says. So annoying!
    Do Zoom and Teams calls sound better with a headset?
    With more and more businesses using Zoom and Teams as a tool for getting meetings done, you’re going to need a headset to make sure that those calls are crisp. Ever get frustrated in one of these meetings when someone is using speakerphone and it sounds like they are muffled AND in an echo chamber! Don’t be that guy in your meeting! Get a noise cancelling headset and sound your best!
    Can I double up your time by doing small jobs while waiting on phone calls with a wireless headset?
    With a headset on, you can do anything that takes 2 hands while remaining on a call… as long as you’re within range that is! I like to organize my workspace or do light exercise while I’m on calls and my headset gives me the ability to do so!
    How about doing push-ups while waiting on the phone? Yes!
    Push-ups and other light workouts are very doable with a headset on! As long, as you don’t run out of breath, you should be good to go with push-ups while you’re talking on the phone.
    What's the differences between a professional headset and a cheap one?
    Don't sell yourself short by buying a cheap headset! Sure, it may work… but it won’t work great. You will not eliminate background noise with a cheap headset and you will likely have to replace it within a couple of weeks. The cheapest models are not durable and have poor sound quality.

    Ever talk to a call center rep and hear hundreds of people in the background while the call pops, cracks and makes other strange sounds? Yeah… that was a cheap headset!
    What is UniBase Technology?
    UniBase Technology gives you the ability to merge your call with the computer. Have you ever wanted to show someone that you’re talking to a song or presentation or merge someone from a phone call in to a Zoom meeting? UniBase Technology will allow you to do those things with a simple push of a button!
    Will I reduce neck, back and shoulder pain by using a headset?
    Talking on a phone all day can have you struggling to multi-task while pinching the phone between your head and shoulder and slouching over, reaching to make a note. 8-hours a day of this can cause some serious issues with your neck, back and shoulders… who wants to be sore as heck when they don’t have to be? Using a headset greatly improves posture and allows you to sit comfortably while doing your work! 
    DECT vs. Bluetooth?
    Most people are familiar with Bluetooth but what’s DECT? DECT is a much more secure way to talk wirelessly than Bluetooth. DECT makes it way more difficult for someone to listen in on your calls. It also provides you with far more range than Bluetooth does! With DECT you get about 350ft of range and with Bluetooth, you only get about 25-30ft.
    Can I eliminate kids/pets from the background while working from home?
    With Leitner, noise-canceling technology is paramount! Leitner headsets will cancel out the sounds of kids/pets/anything else that can be disruptive to calls! This makes the call easier to navigate and much more bearable for your Customers.
    Which wearing style is best for me?
    There are a few different wearing styles available: On-the-Ear, Over-the-Head and Dual-Ear. Talk with one of our Headset Advisors today to see which style will be the best fit for you!
    Will I increase overall productivity and maximize my time with the ability to multi-task more efficiently?
    Using a headset and being hands free will allow you to multi-task more efficiently AND more comfortably! Have you ever been on a call and tried to look up information on your computer or in a book? Much easier if you’re using a headset and are able to talk hands free!
    Is my office phone compatible?
    We guarantee compatibility but just to make sure, give one of our Headset Advisors a call and let them know the model of your phone!
    Should I go for corded or wireless?
    That’s all a matter of personal preference! Our corded options have a 7-foot cord which gives you the ability to move around your desk area just fine. However, if you need to be moving around the office all day or if you’re like me and just like to get up and walk around… a wireless option is best for you!
    What happens if my headset breaks or fails?
    Leitner Headsets offers a best-in-class 5-year warranty with all of our models. Simply give us a ring and if we can’t get your issue figured out, we’ll send a replacement out right away!
    Will Leitner Headsets work with my existing headset equipment?
    Yes! Although we recommend using Leitner equipment, Leitner headsets are universally compatible and will work with your existing equipment!
    Is it easy to switch from phone to computer sound with the easy touch of a button?
    Leitner wireless headsets give you the ability to move seamlessly between your phone and your computer with a touch of a button. With Unibase technology, you can even merge phone and computer sound together. Talk about versatility!
    How long will it take to get my headset operating?
    Leitner batteries need to be charged for 4-hours before the first use but after that, its smooth sailing! Set-up only takes a few minutes and once the battery is ready, you’re ready!
    Will my headset work for gaming?
    Although Leitner Headsets will work for gaming, they are not recommended or designed for gaming.
    Is my call secure?
    Yes! DECT wireless technology is extremely secure!
    Do wireless headsets have the same sound quality as corded ones?
    Yes, Leitner wireless headsets sound just as good as corded ones! 
    Can I answer/end calls from my headset?
    Yes, the ability to answer or end calls wirelessly is available. It will require an Electric Hook Switch or a Lifter but that’s an easy add-on! Ask one of our Headset Advisors which one will be compatible with your phone!
    How many wireless headsets can you have in use in a single office?
    You can have up to 200 headsets in the same office. Please speak with one of our Volume Purchasing Specialists for an expert recommendation based on your office specifications!
    My phone doesn't have a headset mode, can I still use a headset?
    Absolutely! You will just need to plug in to the handset jack of your office phone. Just to be sure, please give us a ring and one of our headset experts will help you with compatibility answers.
    My sound quality isn't perfect, do I have a bad unit?
    Maybe, but just to be sure, give us a ring so that one of our headset experts can do some troubleshooting with you. If you do have a bad unit… we’ll get a replacement sent out right away!
    I work an 8-hour shift, will my headset last that long?
    Leitner Headsets have up to 8-hours of battery life while in use. That means that you should be good to go for a full 8-hour shift. We always recommend putting the headset back on the charger during lunch or when it is not in use for long periods of time. This will help ensure that your battery will last as long as you need it to!
    I work at home. Will the wireless headset remain connected everywhere in my house?
    Unless you have an enormous house… yes, it will! Leitner wireless headsets provide up to 350ft of range!
    Can I connect my Leitner wireless headset using the USB on my laptop?
    Absolutely! Leitner wireless headsets connect to both the phone and the computer. To connect to a computer or laptop, simply plug in the USB, adjust your settings and you’re ready to go!
    How will this headset perform if I use it for dictating with voice recognition?
    It will work just as well as a microphone would for dictation!