BusyBuddy Setup with Leitner Wireless Headset

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    1. Connect Leitner connector cord (green tape) from green TEL port on Leitner base to the bottom of your BusyBuddy (the side with the "Light" dial)
    2. Flip charging base over, and press and hold the mic volume up button on the bottom of the base. When telephone mode button on the front of the base begins blinking, let go
    3. Set compat switches on the side of the BusyBuddy to 1 and 3 for most phones
    4. Plug the lamp into the port labeled..."Lamp"
    5. Connect power into the middle port of the BusyBuddy. You can use either DC/outlet power or USB
    6. Now, take the telephone cord that came with the BusyBuddy and connect it into the port next to the power. The other end goes to the phone
    7. On your phone, connect the BusyBuddy phone cord into either your Headset or Handset port, depending on your phone and setup. If you use a lifter, you’ll go Handset. If you use an EHS, use the Headset port
    8. You're done!