Getting to know your audio signals

    Sounds What it means
    Ring tone
    Incoming desk phone call
    1 click
    Volume up/down
    1 chime
    Volume max/min reached
    2 beeps (5 min repeat)
    Mute is on
    1 beep
    Mute is off
    2 beeps (60 sec repeat)
    Low Battery
    ≤ 30 min remaining
    Triple tone
    UniBase activated
    Double tone
    UniBase deactivated
    2 beeps (repeating)
    Out of range

    When you walk out of range, you'll hear warning beeps in the headset. If the headset disconnects, the call will not drop. The headset will automatically reconnect when you are back in range.

    NOTE: If you do not move back in range within 5 minutes, the call will disconnect.