Wireless Office Headsets

Join thousands of professionals who've chosen to use a longer-lasting, more comfortable, and better sounding headset at the office. Become the productivity rock-star and start having better phone calls today!


The most popular and top-selling wireless office headset by Leitner. LH270 is the preferred wearing style of the majority of headset users

  • 5-year, full-replacement warranty – the longest of any headset brand
  • Impress your colleagues with UniBase® Technology, letting you conference your landline and softphone calls into one
  • Noise-canceling microphone will make you sound fantastic on your calls
  • Enhanced DECT Level A Security keeps your calls private
  • Pair up to 2 headsets to one base — perfect for conferencing and training


Work in a noisy office or have a loud co-worker? The Leitner LH275 covers both ears giving you extra focus on your calls

  • Light and adjustable headband means you can customize your perfect fit
  • Enhanced DECT Security Level A means your calls are kept private
  • Conferencing and training is made easy — connect up to 3 headsets to one base
  • 5-year warranty – the longest in all of headset history
  • UniBase® Technology lets you conference Skype and landline calls together!


On-the-ear wearing style gives you a more discreet wearing style and prevents headset hair

  • Designed for all-day wearing, the LH280 weighs only 0.97 oz
  • UniBase® Technology lets you conference Skype and landline calls together!
  • Perfect for training, you can pair up to 3 mics to one base
  • Keep your calls private with Enhanced DECT Security Level A
  • Unique among On-the-Ear headsets, you can swap out the replaceable battery whenever needed, letting your Leitner last longer
  • Clumsy? Totally fine. It comes with a 5-year, full-replacement warranty