Glossary of Headset Terms

    Glossary of Headset Terms

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    2.4 GHz

    A newly allocated wireless frequency. In general 2.4 GHz wireless headsets are less susceptible to interference.

    900 MHz

    The more traditional wireless frequency. Most cordless phones are 900 MHz.

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    Automatic Call Distribution - A type of phone system used in professional call centers where incoming calls are routed to the different operators automatically.


    In rare situations sounds from your telephone are too weak to drive the speakers in a headset - the signal needs to be amplified. The Amplifier is typically a small box that sits next to your phone and provides access to volume controls etc. Most corded headsets DO NOT come with an amplifier so be sure to check compatibility with one of our Headset Experts

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    A style of headset with a band that drapes around the back of your neck.

    Biaural and Binaural

    A style of headset with speakers for both ears. Typically these offer the user a greater degree of call focus.


    Developed jointly by industry leaders in many fields, including Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson, IBM, 3Com and Motorola. The design allows for seamless, wireless, automatic connectivity between a large number of devices. Bluetooth headsets were among the first Bluetooth devices available.

    Bluetooth version 2.0

    Bluetooth 2.0 is backward-compatible with 1.1. The main improvement is the introduction of an Enhanced Data Rate for both data and voice packets. This additional speed is obtained by using a different radio transmission. Other advantages are three times faster transmission speed, lower power consumption, and simplification of multi-link capabilities.

    Boom Microphone

    A boom microphone is a microphone that is held in a fixed position from your mouth by an arm (or boom). It has significant benefits over a fixed, desktop microphone (such as the one in your telephone when it is used in ‘speakerphone mode’) because as you move your head around, the volume that the caller hears remains constant.

    Busy Light

    The Busy Light is an easily visible light which indicates to others when you are on the line. Great for preventing interruptions and monitoring group phone activity. Works with or without a headset. Busy Lights can be purchased separately from our accessories page.

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    A style of speaker that covers the entire ear, blocking out all sounds. This is typically not found on headsets (apart from specialist models) but is more common on headphones.

    CleanSound Technology

    Makes yours calls sound crisp and clear!

    Connector Cord

    The cord that connects your base unit amplifier and your telephone.

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    (1.9 GHz Wireless Frequency)
    1.9GHz DECT is a digital wireless technology frequency used on wireless telephones. DECT has been designed and specified to be more compatible with other wireless technologies which can increase call clarity and security on headsets that use this technology.


    In the context of wireless phones: Digital signals are less prone to interference and can be securely encrypted on the fly for greater security.

    In the context of computer headsets: Digital Headsets offer connectivity to your computer via the USB port. They require software (supplied) to function. The software can provide additional features (noise cancellation, frequency manipulations etc.)


    Usually applied to a microphone, when it is capable of receiving sounds from only one direction.

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    Electronic Hookswitch

    A cord that gives you the ability to answer/end calls away from the desk without using a handset lifter. Available on our Accessories page

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    GN Netcom

    A subsidiary of GN Danavox, a Danish company. GN Netcom has over the last few years acquired many of the smaller brands of headset manufacturers, including Unex, ACS, Jabra and others.

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    Handset Lifter

    A device that allows you to answer and end calls away from the phone. This device physically lifts that handset while the wireless headset is in use. Available on our Accessories page


    A set of headphones with a microphone attached for communication purposes. Please check compatibility with one of our Headset Experts.

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    Inline Volume Control

    This type of volume control is built into the headset cord on corded headsets so you can change the volume of your headset in a natural and efficient manner.


    A style of headset that uses an Intraural speaker. Typical examples are the ear bud style of headphones.


    A type of speaker that sits gently in the ear canal.

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    Leitner Headsets

    A key American headset brand, known for quality and the longest warranty in the industry

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    A headset with a single speaker.

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    Noise-canceling refers to a microphone design which virtually eliminates the transmission of background noise. This inexpensive option can greatly enhance the sound quality of your headset.

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    Usually applied to a microphone, when it is capable of receiving sounds equally from any direction.


    A style of headset that hangs from the ear.


    The most common style of headset - with a headband that goes up and over your head. Typically available in monaural (single-ear) and binaural (dual-ear) styles.

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    An American public company that sells Plantronics headsets and speakerphones, now known as Poly.

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    Quick Disconnect (QD) Cord

    A small connector in the headset cord that allows the user to break away from a call to move around the office and reconnect without placing the caller on hold. Find QD Cords on our Accessories page.

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    A reversible headset can be worn with the speaker on either the left or right ear. The headset is designed to be easily adjustable to suit your preference.

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    A German company known best for its microphones, headphones, Sennheiser office headsets, and the OfficeRunner wireless headset.

    Sound Card

    A sound card converts the digital signal your computer produces into a signal that can be played through speakers or headphones. (See Analog)


    Standby is a mode of operation on a wireless (or cellular) phone that allows it to conserve power while not in use. ‘Stand By Time’ is usually the amount of time that headset system will need between charges – even if no calls are made or received.


    A type of speaker that rests on the outside of the ear.

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    The number of hours you can talk on your headset before it must be recharged.

    Training Adapter

    Our training adapter allows two headsets to connect to a single phone so supervisors can listen in with trainees. Ideal for getting new recruits up to speed as quickly as possible.

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    UltraFlex Headband

    Adjustable headband that allows you to change sizes to find the perfect fit

    Ultra Noise-Canceling Mic

    Microphone that substantially reduces background noise on calls

    UniBase® Conferencing Technology

    Exclusive to Leitner wireless headsets, UniBase® Conferencing Technology allows you to merge computer, desk phone, and cell sounds

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    Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a technology that allows you to talk to others over the internet, rather than over phone lines.


    Wireless Battery

    Replacement battery for a wireless headset. Available on our Accessories page

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