Leitner LH370 executive bundle with handset lifter and BusyBuddy busy light

    Leitner LH370 – Tri-Compatible Wireless Office Headset – Executive Bundle


    • Easily connect to your office phone, computer, and cell phone – switch between them with the press of a button
    • CleanSound™ Technology filters out your caller's background noise for perfect sounding phone calls
    • Walk, talk, and move around your office for up to a full workday on a single charge
    • Sound professional – your ultra noise-canceling microphone will block out background noise
    • Be the productivity rock star in your office – merge your office phone, computer, or cell phone calls with UniBase® Conferencing Technology
    • Customize your fit – mold the UltraFlex™ headband to your liking. It'll hold its form to fit your head perfectly
    • Smart call detection will chime to let you know your cell is ringing. Switch modes to automatically answer the call!
    • Don't need to connect to your cell phone? Save a little money with the LH270, which offers all the same benefits, minus Bluetooth
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