About Us v2

    Leitner Headsets and Headsets.com

    In 1997, when our CEO, Mike Faith couldn’t find a good headset that shipped fast, with good service, he realized there was a market opportunity, and he set out to fill it. Over 20 years later, Headsets.com has gone through different iterations and experienced highs and lows, but one thing has been consistent – it’s all about the headsets. We’ve now grown to be one of the largest distributors of office headsets in the country and have started manufacturing headsets – Leitner Headsets. As telephone headset specialists, we know we’ve got the best headsets out there. Coupled with our direct-to-end-user sales, it means you’re getting the absolute best in technology, support, and knowledge. And we guarantee it. 


    Our Mission

    Our mission is simple: We will be the #1 source for telephone/office headsets in North America – selling the most headsets of any company. We’ll get there by having the best product and continuously improving quality, people, and processes, by being quality-driven specialists with perfectionist tendencies.


    Our Team

    We have just over 30 team members spread across the U.S., with the majority based in either Nashville or San Francisco. We’re a focused, customer-loving group, with an average tenure close to 5 years.


    All of our Headset Advisors undergo 6 to 10 weeks of training to ensure they’re experts in all aspects of office headsets, our internal systems, and lavishing customers with exceptional service.


    We focus on learning and development with all of our Team Members, whether they’re planning on being with us for the short or long-term.  A variety of trainers and coaches are provided as resources our Team Members. They help with any business, personal, or educational changes an employee desires, and use a variety of different approaches, including hypnotherapy and even holotropic breathing to affect changes that are desired.


    Some of our longest-serving Team Members include:


    • CEO – I’m Mike – I founded Headsets.com, and 23 years later I’m still running it. That’s not changing. I’m sticking around to complete the mission. I left school at 15, and I’m a little bit unconventional and a whole lot wacky. It’s probably why I give my email address to our 1 million-plus customers. (Again, it’s mike@headsets.com.)
    • Rick Mills
    • Matt Burnaford
    • Wendy                 
    • Kamika
    • Aurelia
    • Marty Wetsch
    • Chris Bentley
    • Scott Kearsley
    • Ricky
    • Jon
    • Dean
    • Mitch
    • Shelby
    • Kevin
    • Peter
    • Ann



    Core Values

    While we believe in obvious value like hard work, honesty and a ton of other things you’d expect, we also have  four unique values that we subscribe too. They define how we run our business, and how we treat our customers and team members:

    1. Customers Come First
    2. Always Be Testing
    3. Keep it Wacky
    4. Embrace Feedback and Learning



    Customer Love

    After our headsets, we’re best known for delivering world-class service, or, as well call it, “Customer Love.” Our Team Members are hand-picked to ensure each one shares our belief that customers always deserve respect — as well as some loving’ whenever possible. So yeah, we’re a bit unconventional. Strangely, we don’t subscribe to the thought that the customer is always right…and neither are we!  We’re all human and can make mistakes, however, we do believe that every customer deserves love and respect.


    Giving Back

    All team members have two paid days off every year for charity and volunteer work. Additionally, this year, we’ve been working with Soles4Souls. This Nashville-based charity collects unwanted shoes and clothes for people who need them in the U.S. and across the globe. Join us. We’ll send you a label so you can send your own lightly used items. Just shoot us an email at info@headsets.com J



    Us vs. The Other Guys

    We couldn’t resist adding a chart showing how we compare to “them.”



    The Other Guys





    Long-term success

    Short-term profit gains

    Primary Focus

    Customers & Quality

    Quarterly earnings


    Founder Led

    Hired CEO Led

    Debt Burden


    Indebted to private equity shenanigans

    Market Focus

    Narrow and deep

    Broad with expanding distractions

    Strategy Model

    Direct to you

    Multi-layer distribution (finger-pointing when there’s a problem)


    Yup, no problem and we pay!

    Who do I send it back to?



    1- or 2-years


    US-Based (and it rocks!)

    Sent overseas to save dollars vs. quality

    Average Support Time

    Phone: 6-second average answer
    Email: 11-minute average response

    Phone: 3-minute average answer
    Email: 24-hour average response

    Love Quotient

    We love you. There you go, I said it, it was easy

    They’d probably find it quite awkward to say that

    % of Company solely helping end users




    Humble Bit

    We’ve made lots of mistakes over the years, and we’re still making them today. But we’re quick learners and pride ourselves on rarely making the same mistake twice. We considered listing all of our mistakes here, but figured it might be a bit exhausting to read :-). Our core values help us to keep evolving and improving, and we’re always willing to hear your thoughts. That’s why we print our CEO’s email on every order and on our website (mike@headsets.com).



    Monthly Drawing

    Wow, thanks for reading this far! If you’re not already a Leitner customer, we hope you become one soon. We know you’ll love Leitner when you do. But even if you don’t buy anything from us, we’ll still enter you in our monthly drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card. Just hit the email here, and you’ll be entered. If you want to add a note to say hi, that’s terrific, too. Our CEO reads each and every one, he can’t help himself (he's a bit obsessive we think).