Headset Accessories

Who knew it was possible to make Leitner headsets even better? Check out the accessories below if you're looking to boost the awesomeness that is your favorite headset.


Remote Handset Lifter for Wireless Headset Systems
  • Answer and end calls up to 350 feet from your desk
  • The perfect accessory for those looking for maximum productivity
  • Works with all Leitner wireless headsets
Leitner EHS Cable

Electronic Hookswitch

The Electonic Hookswitch (EHS) connects your Leitner headset to your phone, allowing you answer and end calls remotely

  • Gain complete control over your calls all from the touch of a button on your headset
  • Answer and end calls from up to 350 feet, giving you the freedom to move freely around your office
Leitner Quick Disconnect Cord

Quick Disconnect Cord

The simple cord that connects your Leitner headset to your phone

  • Plug one end into your headset, and the other into your phone. And you're all connected - easy peasy!
  • Easily connect and disconnect from your phone for instant mobility around the office
Quick Disconnect for Avaya Phones
Quick Disconnect to 2.5mm Jack
Quick Disconnect to USB with Skype Controls