About Us

You'll only find Leitner Headsets in two places. Headsets.com and Amazon. We chose Headsets.com because of their 20+ years of experience combined with over 1 million Customers. We chose Amazon because someone mentioned that it's going to become big in the next few years...

We're not looking to create a marketing team's idea of the perfect product. What's important is the best possible headset experience for you, the Customer. Here are the three things you're going to love about Leitner:

  1. Solid design - Leitner is about headsets that consistently look good, feel good, and get the job done.
  2. Sound quality - Leitner headsets sound great in any office environment
  3. Longevity - Other headset brands are focused on coming out with new versions of the same headset year after year. In reality, a headset shouldn't need to be replaced every 2 years. All Leitner headsets are backed by a 5-year full replacement warranty

If you prefer a great product and great service over the theatrical selling of other brands, we're here to help. We'll make your office look good, sound great, and be more productive for years to come.